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Special Myrtle Beach Events

Special Myrtle Beach Events

By traveltc

The beauty of the Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach attracts different vacations and events each year. As the Myrtle Beach area continues to grow, the list of special events taking place throughout the year continues to grow too. So no matter what time of the year you decide to visit, you will always be fascinated by Myrtle Beach vacations and events. These include annual festivals and events, ranging from culinary to sporting events. These events also help to promote the area attractions that play host to such special events. Each season includes a few special events that can help make your vacation more enjoyable. Remember food is an integral part of most Myrtle Beach events so come hungry, and bring the whole family! Here are some special Myrtle Beach events:

Little River Blue Crab

The Little River Blue Crab Festival is one of the major Grand Strand events, drawing up to 50,000 people each year. Enjoy food, crabs, vendors, art and live performances at this family-friendly event.

Sun Fun Festival

The inaugural Sun Fun Festival was held in 1951, thereby becoming the oldest event in Myrtle Beach. In the past, it marked the official start of the summer season, but today, the event is a four-day fun festival that aims to promote various tourist attractions in the Myrtle Beach area and involves a host of special events throughout the summer season. The most popular activities during this festival include sporting events, live entertainment, firework displays, foods, arts and crafts, concerts and more. Each year, this festival presents something new. Previous festivals have featured a parade, a bikini contest, a car show, a beach party, a 5Km race, air shows, cooking competitions, castle building competition and more.

Art in the Park

For over three decades, Art in the Park has given local and regional artists an opportunity to showcase their works across a range of mediums. Hosted at Chapin Park each year, this event also gives you a chance to view and buy original pieces of art and crafts from the actual artists.

Beach Boogie and Barbeque Festival

The hugely popular Beach Boogie and BBQ festival marks the end of the annual Sun Fun Festival. This event features great entertainment for the whole family, samples from regional and local barbeque teams, a kids’ event, live entertainment, beer parties, food, arts vendors, fireworks and more.

Bike Weeks

Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand plays host to three bike rallies, also known as Bike Weeks. A bike week takes place when riders from different parts of the country gather to ride bikes, take part in fundraisers, explore the latest motorbike accessories from vendors and have fun.

The Myrtle Beach Spring Rally

The Myrtle Beach Spring Rally involves more than 300, 000 Harleys cruising around Myrtle Beach and the grand strand.

Black Bike Week

Also known as Atlantic Beach Bikefest, Black Bike Week mainly involves sport bikes with the Harleys leaning more towards the Myrtle Beach Fall Rally.

Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival

Art lovers descend to the Atalaya Castle each September to witness the prominent Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival. Featuring over a hundred fine artists, live entertainment and contests, this festival offers visual beauty against a backdrop of natural beauty.

Harborwalk Festival

The Harborwalk Festival sees thousands of vendors and guests flock to the historic city of Georgetown – the third oldest city in South Carolina. This festival features events such as boat tours, ghost tours, art exhibitions and live entertainment. Previously, artists used to promote the festival through posters. These posters are now a collector’s items. The original poster event helped support the construction of the Harborwalk. These days, the event has grown in popularity over the years to become one of the long-awaited events in Myrtle Beach.

The Conway Art Walk

The city of Conway plays host to the Conway Art Walk on the first Saturday of each month. This special Myrtle Beach event features the finest artists and musical bands performing and presenting in different venues around the downtown area.

There are many upcoming events in Myrtle Beach this holiday season. In addition to a wide variety of attractions, beautiful golf courses and fun-filled activities, there are some wonderful Myrtle Beach events being held throughout the year. From special community festivals and celebrations to musical shows and concerts, there is quite a bit of everything for you and everyone in your group to enjoy.

How to Build the Perfect Getaway

How to Build the Perfect Getaway

By traveltc

Myrtle Beach getaways are a great way to explore outdoor adventures and enjoy oceanfront fun along the Grand Strand. Travelling can help relieve stress and clear your mind, at least for some time. The perfect getaway will help you recharge your life batteries and become more productive as you get back to your job and other responsibilities in life. Therefore, it is important to plan properly for your vacation. However, building that perfect getaway doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some important tips on how to build the perfect getaway for your Myrtle Beach trip.

1. Do Your Homework

It may seem obvious, but it is important to know what exactly you want from your Myrtle Beach vacation. If it’s a beach vacation, you have to decide whether you want it to be loud and exciting or one with lots of events to keep everyone happy. Remember, one man’s meat is another man’s poison! Be sure to take a tour of our website to learn more about Myrtle Beach vacations and events. This will allow you to choose the best attractions to explore in the Myrtle Beach area. You can also do further research on news websites or refer to travel-related websites like tripadvisor.com.

2. Set a Budget

Money is certainly one of the most important parts of planning the perfect getaway. Your budget will most likely determine how wonderful your holiday will be. Determine what you can afford and plan your entire vacation around it. However, just because you are operating on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of accommodation, food, activities and events. By looking around, you should be able to find reasonably-priced options that will simply amaze you.

3. Book Ahead of Time

Booking ahead of time is not only more convenient, but also cheaper. Prices for accommodation and flights seem to be more expensive during the booking period. Therefore, you need to sit down with your special someone or family and find the right time to book your accommodations and airfare at a lower cost. In order to avoid disappointments that are sometimes caused by last-minute cancellations, make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions of the hotels and airline you are considering.

4. Build an Itinerary

An itinerary outlines the finer details of your vacation, including accommodation and transportation plans. This will allow you to make the most out of your vacation. Once you have decided what activities you are going to do or what destinations you want to explore, do research about the area and decide which attractions take priority in your travel plans. The itinerary will guide you so you don’t end up wasting too much time trying to decide where to visit or what to do next.

5. Make Sure Everyone Is Happy!

Some couples may be interested in different activities and events. When building the perfect getaway make sure that everyone will enjoy the vacation. Always discuss with your partner before making the big decisions. You need to create the itinerary together so you can include the activities and events that you will both enjoy. Vacations should be fun, not arguing over where to go or what to do.

Those were just some few tips to help you build that perfect getaway. You may want to be a bit flexible when following these tips. Each vacation has its own purpose and twist, but the basics of planning are always the same. So find the best Myrtle Beach vacations and events packages and get ready for a memorable experience.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Trip

How to Get the Most Out of Your Trip

By traveltc

Myrtle Beach has become extremely popular as a vacation spot for people of all ages. With more than 100 golf courses to choose from, shopping malls and markets to explore, enticing dining experiences, amazing scenery, and a great culture full of tradition, it is undoubtedly the perfect vacation spot.

If you are reading this, chances are you’ve already started planning your trip to Myrtle Beach. You have decided what to do, what to see, and when to travel. You are already excited, but quite overwhelmed. You have read so much about Myrtle Beach, so you’ll want to get the most out of your trip to this beautiful area.

Thinking about the great Myrtle Beach vacations and events is sometimes more exciting than the actual vacation and if not properly planned; a trip can be quite stressful. Family disagreements and the expected pile of business tasks upon your return home can ruin your mood even before you get started with your vacation. Add that to the new time zones and the possible holiday illnesses, and instead of returning home fully recharged and refreshed, weary vacationers might get back home more tired than before. However, that doesn’t mean you should mope or cancel that flight ticket. It is extremely important to plan well for that great escape. Follow these tips to get the most out of your trip:

1. Plan Shorter and More Frequent Trips

Try shorter, yet more frequent vacations instead of one extended annual vacation. This will help bring on the happiness that comes with vacation more often.

2. Stay Active!

A good combination of activities and exercises can help improve your happiness during your trip. You will find many activities and things to do in the Myrtle Beach area, including golf courses, sights and events that you can indulge in. Be sure to take advantage of these.

3. Do What You Really Enjoy

Make sure that you do what you really love, and not what you see others doing. Simply get lost in a pastime that you really enjoy, whether it is scenic hike or a game of golf.

4. Don’t Over-Schedule

This is one of the mistakes that many vacationers make. Make sure that you have enough time to rest and enjoy yourself. You need to explore attractions and have a great time, so get time to relax and enjoy some local seafood (some of the best in the world), or enjoy a delicious diner at one of the many restaurants in Myrtle Beach. You will get the most out of your trip if you truly indulge yourself.

5. Unplug While on Vacation

You need to unplug while on vacation. In any case, we all need to relax away from the daily responsibilities. Whether you want to unplug from work altogether or simply need to reduce your work time, you need to determine how you are going to use your portable devices while on vacation.

Returning home from a trip might increase your overall stress. However, by planning well ahead of time, it becomes easy to truly relax away from the daily grind. With these tips in mind, you can truly prepare for an unforgettable trip. Myrtle Beach awaits you!

Best Things to Do in the Grand Strand

Best Things to Do in the Grand Strand

By traveltc

The Grand Strand is an area of approximately 60 miles of beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, in South Carolina, United States. It boasts miles of beautiful white sands, over 100 golf courses, excellent hotels and other accommodation facilities, world-class shopping, fun-packed and excitement-filled activities and more. The Grand Strand is made up of 12 different communities, but Myrtle Beach is the most famous vacation spot among them. There are a lot of things to do, see and experience in the Grand Strand. Here are some suggestions:

1. Beautiful Beaches

Stretching miles and miles along the Atlantic Ocean, there is no shortage of beautiful beaches here. That’s why it’s known as the Grand Strand! From the vibrant atmosphere of North Myrtle Beach to the serene inlets of Litchfield, vacationers will find plenty of beautiful beaches to explore. Ride the waves or simply soak up the sun on these beaches. You’ll find that beachcombers have been flocking to the Grand Strand since time immemorial.

2. WaterSports

In addition to surfing, there are a lot of other activities to do along the water. Obviously, there are surfing variants along the Grand Strand, including windsurfing and paddle surfing. In addition, vacationers can try out kayaking, giving you an opportunity to rent out a set of private canoes or choosing a larger family-sized kayak. The water here is somehow unspoiled unlike many other parts of the country, and the area remains untainted. This makes the Grand Strand a great spot for scuba diving. As the waters go deeper as you move away from the coastline, you will be treated to some of the most magnificent sights the Grand Strand has to offer, with a wide variety of fascinating flora and fauna. Due to the many rivers and inlets in the area, water junkies can also indulge in their favorite water activities, including swimming, surfing, sailing and rowing.

3. Fishing

Myrtle Beach is known for its fishing. The area has numerous fishing spots with some amazing catches. Late-night sea fishing and river fishing are also common. Myrtle Beach is also home to some of the largest fishing rodeos in America, attracting enthusiastic fishers to the area every year. The Grand Strand also offers a range of deep sea fishing with a number of charter companies, including Hurricane Fleet, Lucky Strike Charters and Voyager Deep Sea Fishing.

4. Golfing

Considered one of the top golf destinations in the world, Myrtle Beach vacations and events planned with the game in mind will never disappoint. There is a selection of over 100, magnificent golf courses, with most of them open to the public or accessible through an affordable golf package.

5. Amusement Parks

Spending an excitement-filled day at one of Myrtle Beach’s amusement parks is sure to delight the kids and adults alike. The Grand Strand is home to a number of amusements parks, with most within or a stone’s throw away from the heart of Myrtle Beach. Head to the Family Kingdom Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach, and experience more than 35 exciting rides at this beachside amusement park. Kiddie rides, roller coasters and carnival classics offer great entertainment to people of all ages. Other amusement parks and centers include Myrtle Beach Skywheel, Myrtle Waves Water Park and WonderWorks.

6. Annual Festivals and Events

There are numerous annual festivals and events held in the Myrtle Beach area. Friends and families can also explore haunted houses, catch a movie, play games, or enjoy bonfires, to mention but a few. These main festivals and events include:

  • Sun Fun Festival (June 4th, 5th)
  • Grand Strand Fishing Rodeo (Apr 1st – October. 31st)
  • Beach Boogie and BBQ Festival (held between September 4th, 5th)
  • Canadian-American Days Festival (held between March 13th -21st)

7. Museums

If you would like to learn more about the local culture or to explore art and crafts, stop by one of the museums in Myrtle Beach. Set on the southern end of the Myrtle Beach, Franklin Burroughs-Simeon Chapin museum boasts up to ten galleries. This museum houses the original art production, including Dora the Explorer and Mickey Mouse. Franklin Burroughs-Simeon Chapin features an exhibition with 45 pieces of gold art, enough for an area with about 100 golf courses. Other museums that are truly worth a visit include Ripley’s Aquarium, Hopsewee Plantation and Brookgreen Gardens.

8. Casino Cruise

Every year, thousands of people flock to Myrtle Beach to go on a casino cruise that takes them to international waters to enjoy the Las Vegas-style gambling. Enjoy true gambling on the magnificent Atlantic Ocean, with quality food and live entertainment. The elegant casino cruise ships sail from spectacular Little River twice a day.

9. Dinner & Shows

While the Grand Strand offers a lot of attractions, the influx of vacationers is truly amazing by itself. Visit one of the many restaurants at the Murrells Inlet, Market Common, Broadway at the Beach or Barefoot Landing, and then spend some time people watching. Every single day you spend in the Grand Strand, don’t forget to visit the dozens of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and shows, where you will laugh, sing and dance. There are discos, nightclubs and sports bars to suit every taste. If you love singing, go on and hone your skills at a Karaoke club or simply enjoy a drink of your choice at a sports bar catching your favorite game.

10. Shopping

Wrap up your trip by shopping at one of the many stores, including conventional malls, specialty shops and boutiques in Myrtle Beach. You will find modern shopping malls at Barefoot Landing, which features more than 100 unique shops and boutiques, along with a seaside flea market, art galleries and many more. The Market Common also offers a variety of shopping outlets that appeal to residents and visitors alike. Various items are sold here, including foodstuffs, clothing and accessories, among others.

With so many things to do in Grand Strand, there will surely be no dull moment during your entire stay here. No matter what time of the year you decide to visit, you will definitely find something interesting to do. This explains why Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand have rapidly become one of the leading vacation destinations in the world. Come enjoy some of these exciting activities in the Myrtle Beach area. You will surely go home with some great memories!

Bike Weeks Myrtle Beach

Bike Weeks Myrtle Beach

By traveltc

Bike rides can be a source of great excitement and adrenaline rush to the biker and viewers alike. There is a special feeling that comes with Bike Weeks Myrtle Beach. The popularity of the Bike Weeks in Myrtle Beach is not slowing down anytime soon. Locals and visitors continue to enjoy the thrill of riding bikes.

Bike Weeks Myrtle Beach has been an established tradition along The Grand Strand for years now. Over 500, 000 people flock to Myrtle Beach for a week of riding, food and fun. During those days, traffic comes to a standstill as the roads fill with highly personalized motorbikes, with the bikers taking advantage of South Carolina’s “no helmet” rule to perform various stunts and burnouts around the seafront.

It is always an exciting event for bike aficionados and the natural environment around Myrtle Beach is absolutely gorgeous to see while riding a motorbike. There are many things to see and do in Myrtle Beach during this period, but the most important thing is to find a good place to stay. There are many choices available to riders, all of which come with their unique benefits. The possibilities are endless, but there are certain places in the Myrtle Beach area that offer much more to riders than others. That’s why it is advisable to choose the best place to stay before this important event. Moreover, some rides offer much more beauty than others.

Crowds of women, referred to as “huggers”, also descend to Myrtle Beach for the Bike Week, hoping to enjoy a ride and perhaps gain something more. A woman will usually act as a passenger by practically twerking on the rear side of the motorbike.

As stated earlier, one of the main advantages of the Myrtle Beach Bike Week is the magnificent scenery around the area. Whether bikers decide to enjoy their Myrtle Beach vacations and events while staying in a hotel or a rental property, they will still have easy access to all the major attractions along the Grand Strand.

Traveling northwards will take one to Charleston, an amazing city with great historical significance in South Carolina. Taking a trip to Charleston provides bikers with plenty to do and see. Exploring traditional plantation houses is a major pastime here, as well as just exploring the unique sightings along the way. Within the heart of Charleston, bikers and travelers can find an impressive array of shopping centers, dining facilities, entertainment and more. Take a tour of this impressive city or simply spend some quality time browsing and enjoying the unique ambiance of the area.

Heading northwards out of the Myrtle Beach area, bikers will be able to cross the border to North Carolina. This coastal ride is impressive in itself, and leads you to Calabash town, which is famous for its flavorsome seafood. While the Grand Strand has some fining dining restaurants of its own, the town of Calabash is certainly worth a visit by any seafood enthusiast. While riding north, you will also find many historic resorts and locations along the way. Once you reach Wilmington, NC, you can explore the battleship stationed in the city, or discover some of the other major attractions found in the city. Rally participants should not forget to wear helmets while driving in North Carolina to avoid breaking the state law there.

Enjoying the Myrtle Beach Bike Week

One of the most popular bike racing events in the Grand Strand area is the Myrtle Beach Spring Rally. This event attracts riding enthusiasts and bike rally fans to Myrtle Beach every year. Thousands of people line up along the 60-mile long coastline to witness the Bike Week events. There are also a lot of traders who sell almost everything imaginable, including t-shirts, motorbike accessories and even motorbikes. Those without their own bikes can even hire one during the Bike Weeks Myrtle Beach so they can also join the fray and be part of the action. Other events that often included in the week’s schedule are live music shows, the popular poker game, stunt performances and simple bike racing. In most cases, The Myrtle Beach Bike Week comprises The Fall Bike Rally and the Spring Rally. The largest retail location along the beach is Sonny production, which is located at Inlet Square and offers ample parking space.

The Bad and the Ugly Side of the Bike Week

Unfortunately, the Myrtle Beach Bike Week is not all smooth sailing. The combination of biking and partying without a helmet is not particularly safe, and some people end up suffering injuries in the process. Sometimes, violence breaks out and some businesses end up closing shop during this event. Many eateries experience some customers escaping without paying. The event is also popular among prostitutes, who aim to take advantage of the event for their own gain. However, tones of female bikers are showing up for the event each year.

However, the organizers are protective, claiming that the controversy surrounding the bike week has nothing to do with them and that the weekend is all about bikers, no matter their race. All are welcome as long as they maintain peace and respect.

While there has been a slight decrease in the number of traders over the last few years, the most popular ones still offer their services and seem to be growing from strength to strength. The Broadway at the Beach and the Murrell’s Inlet are the major areas where the key events take place each year.

When visiting Myrtle Beach for the Bike Week, one of the best ways to explore everything that the area has to offer is by touring the unique business facilities that serve the Bike Week attendees. The restaurants, bars, pubs and other facilities around the bike shops often have special deals for riders, most of which may not promote or advertise their offers before the start of the event. Come visit and discover the Grand Strand and see what the area has to offer. Many people buy Myrtle Beach homes for sale to return to stay here even after the event because of the many attractions and opportunities that this place has to offer.

Special Myrtle Beach Events

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